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Vintage Pokémon Pack

Vintage Pokémon Pack


For all those who love the Nostalgia surrounding the Vintage Cards!

Each pack is entirely made up of Cards from the WOTC (Wizards of the Coast) era, including sets from Base, Jungle and Fossil, through to the Ereader sets and the elusive Skyridge!

In every pack you will find:

1 x Holo Rare or Reverse Ereader

1 x Non Holo Rare/Promo

11 x Common/Uncommon Pokémon

1 x Trainer

1 x Energy

These are full of Old School feels, and are sure to please collectors of every age!

Pictures show an example pack. The Non Holo Rare/Promo will be on display, with the Holo at the rear of the pack!

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