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Mega Lunchbox Tin Bundle!

Mega Lunchbox Tin Bundle!


This is an AMAZING bundle with a bit of everything for everyone!

Each bundle contains:

2 English Boosters - 1 will be Evolving Skies

2 Japanese Boosters - at Random but includes Eevee Heroes!

2 PokeShizz FunPack Boosters (10 cards with 2 Holos/Rev Holos and 1 Rare)

1 PokeShizz All Holo pack (10 Rev Holo/Holos with 1 Ultra Rare V/GX/EX etc)

1 Sealed Promo (Eevee Vmax shown but have others)

1 Coin

1 Pack of Sealed ETB sleeves (again multiple designs)

Plus 1 of the bundles will include the GetGraded 10 Charizard!

There will also be a few extras in some of them as an added surprise!

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