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Meowscarada ex Deluxe Battle Deck

Meowscarada ex Deluxe Battle Deck


Dazzle & Confound Your Opponent—with Meowscarada ex!

Powerful Pokémon ex are ready to charge onto the battlefield in the Pokémon TCG: ex Deluxe Battle Decks! Each 60-card deck is led by two exceptional Pokémon ex and includes everything you need to play right away. Let the battle begin!

In this box, you’ll find:

1 ready-to-play 60-card deck

1 single-player playmat

1 set of damage counters

1 large metallic coin

2 condition markers

1 deck box

1 strategy sheet

1 code card to play this deck online

Deck List

2× Meowscarada ex

3× Floragato

4× Sprigatito

2× Dunsparce

2× Eldegoss

2× Gossifleur

1× Radiant Alakazam

4× Professor’s Research (Professor Sada)

4× Youngster

2× Boss’s Orders (Ghetsis)

2× Jacq

2× Klara

4× Gapejaw Bog

4× Ultra Ball

3× Nest Ball

2× Energy Retrieval

2× Escape Rope

2× Great Ball

13× Basic Grass Energy

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